INAX sets out for global expansion at Milan Design Week

08 April 2019


Introducing two new collections to launch in selective markets starting May 2019.

Towards to global expansion, INAX has unveiled two new INAX bathroom collections for the global market at Milan Design Week 2019. The new collections will be launching in selective markets starting from May 2019.

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The special exhibition invites visitors to experience first-hand the product designs reflecting INAX’s design values and signature elements, which convey Japanese aesthetics in a contemporary style. These are represented in the new S600 LINE and S400 LINE bathroom collections, eight variations of INAX’s CERAFINE™ ultra-thin wash basins, which were inspired by Japan’s waterscapes and created specifically for the exhibition, a tile lounge that displays the variety of colors and textures of tiles, along with 3 inspirational brand movies showcased throughout the installation at the SuperStudio venue between April 8-14, 2019.


INAX's signature elements:
Tension, Squoval and Volcano


INAX Tile Lounge

Inspirational Brand Movie and Brand Book

S400 LINE – Spaces Offering an Interplay of Light, Shadows, and Straight Lines.

Japanese architecture has created spaces of unparalleled beauty through the celebration of the shadows produced by light. Rays of light penetrating small windows cast shadows on the floor, walls, and products, which can evoke a sense of serenity and relaxation, causing an unblemished and thoroughly elegant space. Such an atmosphere cannot be created with a single product alone. It’s only possible through careful attention to detail, in designing the light, the architecture, and products, including tiles and toilets, in their totality. This is the value that the S400 LINE by INAX offers to your bathroom space.

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S600 LINE - Japanese Spatial Aesthetics: Changing Bathrooms Around the World.

In Japan, there is a culture that skillfully utilizes limited space, and creates within it, a world of beauty. INAX developed the S600 LINE, inspired by Japanese living spaces, which balance the traditional Japanese approach to utilizing space with modern sensitivities. A bathroom arranged with beautiful objects can positively influence the way one feels, offering a deeper level of relaxation, vitality, and a feeling of confidence. INAX has perfected the Japanese use of spatial design to bring beauty and new value to the modern bathroom.




CERAFINETM wash basins are delicate and ultra-thin ceramic vessels exhibiting a high level of durability and quality achieved through years of technological innovation. This special collection is inspired by Japanese waterscapes.

About INAX

INAX is a Japanese brand that manufactures innovative sanitary ware and artistic ceramic tiles. The history of INAX can be traced back over 100 years when our forefathers worked on producing the tiles for the second main building of the Imperial Hotel designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. By determining the properties of clay and the impact of fire, through numerous trials, we succeeded in the large-scale production of decorative tiles, which became the foundation of INAX. Since then, we have continuously pursued to deliver products for new and better living, engaging in challenging innovations including the first made in-Japan shower toilet, self-powered hands-free faucet, and interior tiles that freshen the air in the room. Meanwhile, we cultivated our skills to produce tiles that offer sophisticated expressions through delicate coloring and texture, gaining inspirations from Japanese tradition, culture, and the seasonal changes of nature. Our expressive and technical ability became visible on the restored exterior wall tile of St. Francesco’s church (built in 1963), designed by leading Italian architects and designers. Italian architect, Gio Ponti, the installation was completed in 2008.

INAX creates beautiful, innovative bathrooms from Japan that make everyday life easier, healthier and more enjoyable, enabling everyone to live well.

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