Thermostatic faucet
[made in Japan]
(With a simple shower)

$32,000 ntd

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Size & Proportions


Features of single-section shower:

High-efficiency and energy-saving water outlet: The built-in wheel will block half of the water outlet hole and rotate at high speed when the water comes out, generating pressure to make the water column stronger. (Compared with the previous product, saving 35% of water saving effect)
Large water drops: Because the internal pressure of the shower increases, the water is strong and the water drops are full, which can make the skin's skin feel more refreshed.


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high sensitivity

Through the mutual balance between the SMA type memory alloy spring and the general bias spring, the mixing ratio of hot and cold water is automatically adjusted to avoid discomfort caused by sudden temperature changes.


safety button

The water temperature above 40 ℃ can be set after pressing the safety button to avoid accidental burns.


the body does not heat up

Even if you use hot water for a long time, the surface of the faucet will not heat up, which can avoid burns.