Shower Toilet


[made in Japan]
The exquisitely crafted all-ceramic design, equipped with unimaginable cutting-edge intelligent functions, and rich contextual color options, push the possibilities of bathroom space to the peak.

$310,000 ntd

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Size & Proportions

Depth 720mm
Height 542mm
Width 375mm


SATIS G integrates the advanced technology of INAX sanitary ware, such as AQUA CERAMIC, Splash-proof foam, Air shield odor control technology, Triple vortex flush technology, Plasmacluster ion, etc.
Just to provide you with a higher level of toilet enjoyment.

・Drain distance: 225~410mm
・Flushing water volume: Large 5.2L・ECO 3.8L
・Flush method: Triple vortex flush technology
・Required water pressure: 0.05Mpa Up



aqua ceramic technology

Through its super-hydrophilic performance and adopting a structure that prevents the buildup of limescale, AQUA CERAMIC allows the toilet bowl to retain its shine for 100 years with simple daily cleaning.


shower toilet technology

INAX’s shower toilets are forever evolving in both function and design to deliver further comfort and satisfaction INAX’s passion is to manufacture creative products that help people live well. Starting with the launch of our first made in-Japan shower toilet in 1967, we have consistently continued our quest for new technologies, always in pursuit of what customers might need or want, bringing more comfort and cleanliness to people’s lives.


plasmacluster ion

The plasma cluster ions with positive and negative ion groups can reach all corners of the toilet, effectively inhibiting planktonic mold in the toilet, and maintaining clean and fresh air.


triple vortex flush technology

Triple vortex flush technology harnesses the force of three jet streams to powerfully and efficiently flush the entire surface of the bowl, ensuring an unprecedented level of hygiene.