25 March 2024


The INAX brand celebrates its 100th anniversary this year in 2024.
To celebrate the 100th anniversary, we have launched a special website.

05 October 2023

5 INAX Brand Products Receive Good Design Awards in 2023

INAX has received awards for five products at the 2023 Good Design Awards hosted by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. *Award-winning products are for the Japanese market.

30 May 2023

INAX won 3 "Red Dot (Product Design) and 2 iF Design Awards in 2023

LIXIL Corporation, maker of pioneering water and housing products, collected 7 Red Dot and 13 iF Design awards in  April. Out of 20, INAX won 3 Red Dot (product Design) and 2 iF Design awards.

31 October 2022

S LINE Accessories Receive Award at the 2022 Good Design Awards

INAX has received awards for six products at the 2022 Good Design Awards hosted by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Among the six winning products were the S LINE Accessories for the global market, as well as the shower toilets and automatic faucets for the Japanese market.

01 April 2022

INAX including S200 LINE Collection won 3 “Red Dot Awards (Product Design) in 2022

Meet our award-winning products,S200 LINE Collection, Exposed Shower System, Basins

27 October 2021

Good Design Award recognizes the outstanding design of the INAX S200 LINE Collection

INAX wins seven prizes at the prestigious Good Design Award, Japan’s most historic design awards program run by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JIDP). The winners include five products from the Japanese market and two from the global S200LINE collection and S200 LINE toilet.

25 December 2020

INAX Launches The S200 LINE - Maximizing Comfort And Functionality Within Compact Urban Bathroom Spaces

In a city where urban living spaces come at a premium, the Japanese are masters in achieving maximum comfort in the minimum of spaces. Maxi-Compact, S200 LINE’s design concept born through this approach, offers the perfect bathroom for the urban lifestyle, maximizing both comfort and functionality within compact spaces. Applying INAX’s human-centric innovation and insightful design, Maxi-Compact achieves the ultimate balance of usability, beauty, and spaciousness in modest-size bathrooms.

01 December 2020

INAX participated in the Dezeen's Virtual Design Festival.

INAX participated in the Dezeen's* Virtual Design Festival, the world's first online design festival in 2020.

19 May 2020

Launched INAX's bathroom design concept "Light and Shadow."

For a long time, the people of Japan have found subtle beauty in the design of natural light and shadows. Even today, in an increasingly illuminated world, architects integrate them into their designs, imparting a sense of serenity and rejuvenation.

31 March 2020

INAX Brands are Pushing Design Thinking in the Home

Meet our 15 iF Design Award winning design concepts and products - with INAX leading the way

23 March 2020

Innovative Japanese Restroom Space “REST and” Opens in Kashima Soccer Stadium, in Preparation for 2020

LIXIL Co., Ltd. (“LIXIL”), together with Kashima Antlers FC Co., Ltd. (“Kashima Antlers”), launched an innovative Japanese restroom concept space at the Kashima Soccer Stadium, named “REST and,” on Friday, August 23, 2019, renewing the ladies’ facility in preparation for 2020.